Category 1

“There are few educators who would disagree with the principle that lifelong learning is a good thing but the important questions are about the types of learning that the concept promotes, the life that it encourages us to lead, who benefits from this and the nature of the society that it upholds.” (p. 20/21)

Objective: This quote is quite clear in conveying the message to go a step further in not only instilling the lifelong learning skills but to have the judgement on what is important to learn and how it affects people and environment around you.

Reflective: Teaching is fascinatingly a multilayered approach. There are various layers of the expected and desired capacity of teacher to build the character and knowledge of the students. The fundamental objective for education is the evolution of society not just skilled manpower for factories. Teachers need to reflect once in a while about how to enhance the classroom activities to bring the best out of everyone and help create the future problem solvers.

Interpretive: Perhaps I am not gifted in memory, I don’t like to learn about information and details like in biology. I always gravitate towards the fundamental or underlying principle, example- physics, which creates the behavior and information. This quote was quite interesting because it is eluding towards the fundamental idea of what’s the objective of education really is. It is about evolving into a better self and a community collaborator. However important the lifelong learning is, it has to be directed towards the foundational goal.

Decisional: I teach a highly technical subject like electricity and thermal engineering to students. I tend get limit my vision of what is my purpose in the class. I just want to make sure that the student understand the subject matter and score well in the exam. There are several layers of hard and soft skills students are always learning in their class. I will reconstitute the objectives of my classroom and the way I plan the individual class being cognizant of the ultimate goal of equipping students not only for job but their roles in communities.